Update ..March 2015

Its been a while since i wrote an update on how ive been doing.

So I just wanted to let all the people know who read my post and who likes them and follows me. That I’m doing so good with my depression and anxiety I’m very happy now. I’m become a more mature,responsible,care-free,and happy person. I’m so proud of myself for getting the help i need and the coping skills that i need. Well i will be back soon to make more blogs about myself ect

. I hope everyone that sees this to know your not alone and try to get the help that you need and deserve. Everyone Deserves To Be Happy! Don’t let negative people bring you down nor steal your joy!!


Ughh,i just don’t know

Ughh,i just don't know

Lately i have been feeling lot’s of anxiety and when that happens i tend to get more depressed. Then i criticize myself when i can’t make myself stop thinking neg. thoughts. It’s time to hurry and make a change before i sink deeper. The feeling i am feeling right now is not too good. I am known to be a happy/preserves/Calm/pretty talkitive person . But now i don’t feel any of that. I just really notice it gets a bit better for me in the summer. But this summer is going to be kinda stressful so idk.

Its Back Again :/

The depression is once again back i knew it was going to creep up on me again it was just a matter of time. So what I have to do right now is fight for life again i can let it suck me back into that big black tunnel without a light at then end of it . I will do anything to feel that calm and happy feeling again . If its Yoga,Praying,Mediation,Exercise,or Healthy Diet I will do it once again i feel like i am giving up and letting it take over. But i can’t if i do i know my grades and everything i worked hard for will just crumble into pieces. I will fight and i will not give up i just can’t be that person again . ~Ima Do This!    *Mesha 

Sadness and Angry

I have been feeling really sad and angry lately. I think its because the depression feelings are starting to creep back up on me again. And im Angry because i just have a lot of mood swings when im feeling down. I also have just been feeling really odd in social situations. Today i just want this day to be over with im just feeling this certain sadness but when i go home i can’t cry . But when i am in school i can cry . Also i feel like other people are happier than me but i also i know that they have their own prombles too. Im still never going to give up though. I will keep fighting even if it kills me . I also feel like the season change has something to do with it to.

Gloomy Fall Day

Gloomy Fall Day

Sometimes i just feel lost , Sometimes i just feel really confused , Some days i just feel hopeless and sad. I really think this winter ima have a hard time again but hopefully this year i don’t go into a really depressed state. I’ve learned ways to cope and to make my struggles a bit easier. But everytime i start making good progress i feel like the next week i get knocked a step back down.

Feeling odd

Well today i just woke up and began watching my favorite show. But i should have woke up and got dressed b/c i always feel odd when i just lay there for a long time. Also today is just one of those days were it was rainy and depressing for me. But im still here and im glad im still alive . But i really just wanna not feel so upset right now,ughh. I really feel better when im expose to sunlight though and idk what im going to do when the sun is gone. But i will still be trying hard not to give up on myself or anyone. 🙂 Even how hard it may be for me someday i will never ever give up !

School Soon..blah

I feel good but deep down inside i kinda don’t , but overall i feel pretty good. I hope when i go back to school i can take everything i learned from counseling . An feel good and not be sooo anxious which i am a lot. I feel im ready but thee other half of me doesn’t want to go back yet. Im going to be nervous this year but i just hope i can cope with it all. I wanna work hard this year and get my stuff done. I believe i can and im not going to give up at all. B/c if i do then ill just be screwed but im ready to grind it out and push myself! -Love Amisha …xoxox