Good things come to people who work hard!

Good things come to people who work hard!

Im about workout to the fullest then im going yo shower and try to start my day on a positive note. Thank you God for letting me see another day. (An today im feeling pretty good.) Ima also do some breathing & muscle relaxation. If your reading my blog G.m & have a blessed Dayy !:-*


Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Rainy days can ruin your mood if your depressed I feel. They used to never really affect me but now they do. I feel more depressed than ever when its gloomy and rainy outdoors. But when the Sun is shining I feel more happy and comfortable with myself. My depression was horrible a few months ago but now I think its starting to see the light a little. A few months ago when it was a Nice Sunny day I was hoping it would turn gloomy and rainy. An when it was raining outside sometimes I wished it was just a little sunshine so I didn’t feel like crap. When I think about that, its just soo weird b/c I never thought like that before. But Depression really does suck and I know im not the only one . An I feel like maybe one day I would like to help all those who go through it. ❤
-Amisha :*

hey ∞

Hello my name is Amisha im a girl who is going through depression. I never felt these kind of feelings before. The feelings are sad,mad,aggravated,nervous,not-really happy,and lonely. It kills me to have to go throughthis it really does suck. -But what doesn’t kill u shall make you stronger♥  Ive been going