Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Rainy days can ruin your mood if your depressed I feel. They used to never really affect me but now they do. I feel more depressed than ever when its gloomy and rainy outdoors. But when the Sun is shining I feel more happy and comfortable with myself. My depression was horrible a few months ago but now I think its starting to see the light a little. A few months ago when it was a Nice Sunny day I was hoping it would turn gloomy and rainy. An when it was raining outside sometimes I wished it was just a little sunshine so I didn’t feel like crap. When I think about that, its just soo weird b/c I never thought like that before. But Depression really does suck and I know im not the only one . An I feel like maybe one day I would like to help all those who go through it. ❤
-Amisha :*


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