School Soon..blah

I feel good but deep down inside i kinda don’t , but overall i feel pretty good. I hope when i go back to school i can take everything i learned from counseling . An feel good and not be sooo anxious which i am a lot. I feel im ready but thee other half of me doesn’t want to go back yet. Im going to be nervous this year but i just hope i can cope with it all. I wanna work hard this year and get my stuff done. I believe i can and im not going to give up at all. B/c if i do then ill just be screwed but im ready to grind it out and push myself! -Love Amisha …xoxox


Feeling Pretty Good

Today im feeling pretty good but I still feel lot’s of emotions and stress. Today is a lovely day and im enjoying it but I feel pretty sleepy. Im blessed and very thankful im still alive and have my family. I know some people may not have a family or this or that. I sometimes wish that I could help all those people I love helping people through out their problems. It just makes me feel so good inside even though I may not have the best feedback at times. I also feel like im really going to start moving myself away from those negative people. My negative friends always bring me down and suck the life out of me . But im going to not tolerate it anymore im going to stand up for myself and just distance myself away from them. I hope everyone who is reading this have a blessed day!  -Amisha ….x0x0x

Hope (I have Hope that Life will get Better) (Love this Poem)


It is HOPE that sustains us
When life seems too tough.
HOPE for a brighter tomorrow,
The HOPE that in time
Things can and will get better.

With God, there is always HOPE
Because He has the power
To change things for the better.
Tough times are opportunities
For spiritual growth.

If God is for me,
It doesn’t matter who is against me.
But if God is against me,
It doesn’t matter who is for me.

Cling tightly to HOPE,
Draw near to God,
Grow in patience,
Life can and will get better.

–Jo A. Witt, (C) 2001

Warm Outside Today :)

Warm Outside Today :)

It’s a nice day outside but im not feeling in the mood to really do anything, I don’t know whats wrong with me but i prefer to just sit around and do nothing. When i could be haning out with friends or planing on doing something fun.But these few days i have been feeling depressed again . I have been doing better but i feel more stressed out than anything. I do have a lot on my mind right now. An i feel like even writing in my journal will not really help me write now. I do have my moments were i get happy though and i have my moments were i just feel awful. But im glad because before it was just feeling horrible all day everday. But anyways im going to try to get some things done and try to have a better day tomorrow.

Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Rainy days can ruin your mood if your depressed I feel. They used to never really affect me but now they do. I feel more depressed than ever when its gloomy and rainy outdoors. But when the Sun is shining I feel more happy and comfortable with myself. My depression was horrible a few months ago but now I think its starting to see the light a little. A few months ago when it was a Nice Sunny day I was hoping it would turn gloomy and rainy. An when it was raining outside sometimes I wished it was just a little sunshine so I didn’t feel like crap. When I think about that, its just soo weird b/c I never thought like that before. But Depression really does suck and I know im not the only one . An I feel like maybe one day I would like to help all those who go through it. ❤
-Amisha :*